How To Become A Vendor

The 42nd Annual Durham Hamfest invites you to become a vendor at this year's event. Space assignments and related material will be forwarded as each application is received. Each table order includes one admission. Extra admissions are $7 each. All staff for the table require admission. Tables not claimed by 08:45 on the day of the event may be sold to another vendor with no refund.

Tables are 8' long
Wall tables = $40
SOLD OUT! Aisle tables = $25 SOLD OUT!

Doors open at 07:30 for vendors and 09:00 to the public, with the event ending at 12:00. Access to the unloading area at the event is ordered first come first serve. Get there early if you need lots of time. Multiple volunteers will be on hand to organize the vendor unloading queue and provide the maximum amount of access to the unloading area. Please listen to and obey these people so that everyone can unload quickly and orderly. When your turn arrives to unload, please keep this area tight. If possible, pull up into opening spaces so more people can access the unloading area from behind without needing to parallel park. If you would prefer to park and carry your belongings to the vendor unloading area by hand, you are more than welcome to enter as soon as vendors are allowed in.

Banners and posters may be affixed to your table or the wall behind you provided your adhesive method is non-marking. Damage to the facility is unacceptable. If you would like access to a power outlet, please submit your request in the notes section of your registration with your intended use. Quantities are limited and availability is subject to approval. You will need to bring a 50 foot extension cord if approved. If approved, feel free to ask if you are unsure about your outlet location. Remember, you will be sharing this outlet and you only get one socket (bring a surge protected power bar if you require more outlets).

Please print this PDF Vendor Form and either mail, email or deliver in person. To mail, please send your completed form along with a non-postdated cheque to: P.O. Box 53, Pickering, Ontario, Canada, L1V 2R2; made payable to South Pickering Amateur Radio Club; receiving postmark no later than April 15th, 2018. To email, please send your completed form to Steve VA3TPS at To deliver in person, please arrange to meet with Steve McEdwards.

We thank you for your interest, and hope you can make it as a vendor this year. If you would appreciate being contacted next year as soon as vendor registration opens, email and we will add you to the mailout. Thank you.